Hong Kong iPad Magic
iPad Roving Magic

Alexander combines sleight of hand and modern technology to create magic that is both virtual and reality. 

Watch as Alexander pulls and passes objects through the iPad and visually transform objects from one form to the other. This form of unique entertainment is highly interactive and sought after!

Alexander will mingle with your guests, creating moments of magic in your guests' hands. 

Recommended for: Cocktail Receptions, Corporate Parties, Networking Sessions, Private Parties, Tradeshows.

*Magic can be customized to your brand or product!


iPAD on stage: "Imagination, Innovation, Illusions"

iPad Stage Magic
Singapore iPad Magic Stage

"Imagination, Innovation, Illusions" is a 20 minute iPad Illusion Show featuring themes of innovation and technology.

The show revolves around the inventions and innovations of our time. Stories of imagination, perseverance and determination of Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and the Wright Brothers are shared. The illusions simulate highly advance technologies of the future like mind reading, instant 3D printing and boundless flight.

Acts Include:

"iLights 2.0" - Alexander showcases his latest invention on his iPad: a programmed light bulb that changes colors. He then plucks the light out of the iPad. As a finale, a real light bulb appears and shatters into pieces with the audiences' help.

"Thomas Edison's Bulb" - Recreating the Edison's journey in finding the perfect material for the filament, Alexander displays a light bulb on his iPad and pour milk into it. As a climax, the milk from the iPad materializes inside a bulb of a lighted lamp.

Recommended for: Technological and Innovation Conferences, Small to Medium Size Events, Technological Companies, Talks and Seminars

CUSTOMIZED Digital iPad Illusions

iPad Magician Asia
iPad Illusion Show Magic

Alexander is able to customize and produce a digital iPad illusion show for your event or for the launch of your product. 

Adhering to his belief in magic:


Alexander will design a show that fits your brand, theme, product or message. With more than 15 years of experience in magic, Alexander is able to recreate illusions to showcase your message in the most direct and memorable way possible.

Past Project include:

  • Singtel: Simulation of Malware Protection Application on the iPad to Remove Malware
  • Changi Airport: Using Visual Projection on the iPad and on Screen, Alexander gave a safety presentation of the dangers of FOD.
  • DHL: Showcasing the future of logistic innovation, Alexander presents magic that showcases the capabilities of DHL.

See more projects here!

Lead time: 45 days (Average)


Apart from doing shows and giving performances, Alexander also provides specialized workshops on magic, psychology, passion and entrepreneurship. 

With a B.A (Hons) and a Master in Psycholgy, Alexander has been invited to international conferences and local talks to present his work on psychology and magic. With his performative background, Alexander's talks are energetic and engaging, leaving the audiences with something to remember and think about. 

Recommended for: Schools, Workshops, Guests Speaker Events, Team Building Events.