I am really thankful for the opportunity to not only share about my previous iPad Magic engagement in Saudi Arabia for Cisco Connect but to also share about my psychology and magic!

Thank you Lian He Wan Bao for this feature!

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Since the age of 15, Masters Graduate Alexander Yuen had been deeply passionate about magic and illusion. The self-taught magician had even created illusion utilizing the iPad, becoming the first Singaporean Magician to perform in Saudi Arabia, breaking the traditional impression of magic in Saudi Arabians.

The 29-year old graduated last year from the National University of Singapore with a Masters in Psychology. However, taking a path different from other graduate students, he instead took the career path of a professional magician.

With a deep interest and passion for innovation, he conceptualized the combination of technology with magic 4 years ago with his partner, creating iPad magic. Through this illusion, he is able to grab a ball directly from the screen. 

Going by the stage name of Alexander Y, Alexander revealed that he first got exposed to magic in secondary school. Back then, a friend of his took out a deck of poker cards and performed a magic trick, thereby planting in him an interest in magic. 

Alexander revealed that he had never learnt from a teacher and everything was self-taught. However, through regular meet-ups with other magicians, he was given the opportunity to learn from more established magicians.

His unique magic performances gave him the opportunity to be invited last week to Saudi Arabia to be the main act in Cisco Connect; a technology conference held in Riyadh. His magic performance combining technology and conference entertained and astounded the guests to no end. 

Being the first Singaporean magician performing in Saudi Arabia, Alexander realized in his preparation work that Saudi Arabians had a rather stereotypical view of magic, associating it with witchcraft and the occult. Through the use of technology, he was able to perform in a manner that is more acceptable to the locals.

When being asked why he did not pursue a career in psychology after graduating, Alexander replied with a smile that this was a very common question that was asked of him. He replied that he had combined his knowledge of psychology with his magic performances, adapting the knowledge that he had in psychology to his performances, thereby bringing a greater sense of amazement in his audience. "

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