iPad Magician at High End Lancome Event

It might be kind of weird to have a male illusionist in a female-centric event, right?

Actually, not really.

I was booked by L'Oreal, Lancome, to perform and entertain their top clients. This was in event held at the very elegant Paragon Atrium.


The demographic of the guests were high end users of their products, they wanted to be sure that they were in the best hands in terms of entertainment. 

Asia iPad Magician

For this engagement, I specially designed an app to first showcase the features of their star product, the Genifique, and to make it appear from their online website.

It is pretty cool, and it looks something like this.


I got really good feedback from the client and the guests from the event. And the best part is, not only they experience the magic of the products via my iPad, they will also feel the magic on their skin ;)

Signing off, 

Alexander Y (Singapore iPad Magic)

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