Innovative Customized Magic with LED Wall Projection for HPE Asia Pacific Japan


iPad Digital Magician Illusions LED Wall

This was the mantra I adopted when I was handed over the HPE project which required an innovation, entertaining and educational performance. 

The objectives were simple but challenging:

  1. Create a short act with the IT Monster 
  2. Showcase the tagline of Tame IT
  3. Audience interaction required

These pointers were given to me through a brief from the client. On its own, it will not make a good story to present as there is no arc, plot and resolution. I added more pointers to supplement the storytelling arc.

  1. Create a short act with the IT Monster 
  2. Showcase the tagline of Tame IT
  3. Showcase the problems when there are inefficiencies in IT **
  4. Showcase how HPE solves this problems**
  5. Audience interaction required

With that, we are now able to craft an antagonist and a hero in this story. 

LED wall magic Singapore Asia

In this performance, I used motif of jammed cogs in a gear system to symbolize inefficiencies and how with HPE we will be able to get a well running system.

I used other symbols like the lightbulb to represent innovation and the light from the bulb to tame the IT Monster.

iPad Magician Innovation LED Wall Illusion

This performance was extremely well received by the international guests as it was their first time seeing such a performance!

Ipad Magic Bulb

While I am unable to share the full performance in public, I would be happy to share it with you if you are an events producer or a potential client interested to see my work :)

Drop me an email at: alexander@iPadMagician.ORG


Alexander Y. is Asia’s Top iPad Magician and Storyteller. He believes that the experiences are best experienced as stories. With good stories, memories are forged and emotions are struck. In his free time, he enjoys movies from Christopher Nolan and Spike Jonze. 

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