Dark Skies, Tall Buildings, Al Fresco Wine and Magic

On the November 23rd of 2016, Alexander was invited to entertain the guests for Expat Living Magazine’s event at Mont. The event consisted of roughly 80 people and there was great food and drinks for the guests. He performed his specialized iPad magic, and did not fail to amaze the crowd.

iPad Magician Singapore

Alexander arrived at the location early, and spoke to the event manager before proceeding to the rooftop alfresco area. The view was beautiful, and the majestic Marina Bay Sands could be seen overlooking the Singapore River. It was a sight to behold, as the sky was promenade pink, with the sun crawling out of the sky. Alexander walked around the dining area, preparing for the guests to arrive, and striking small conversations with the waiters and waitresses.

Asia iPad Magician

Soon after, the sun had set, and the lights from the financial district lit up in the distance showering the Singapore River with many bright lights. The river was covered with fairy lights and ripples from the movement of its waves, setting the tone of the night along the Singapore River. It, was show time.

Alexander began his show by approaching a group of Caucasians, and performed his full repertoire with them. His iPad, his partner in crime, stunned and amazed them, leaving them mind-blown and applauding to announce the magician’s presence. The show went on and Alexander continued doing what he does best, entertaining the guests with finely crafted iPad magic.

iPad Magician Expat

After covering numerous tables, the sky had turned fully dark, and it was night already. Surrounded by tall buildings and bright lights, Alexander continued on the rooftop of Monti to bring smiles and amazement to Expat Living Magazine’s guests. Everyone was happy and the event was going extremely smoothly.

To end off the night, Alexander ended his last performance with a kicker ending! The spectators were shocked and delighted at the same time, giving him a warm round of applause before Alexander moved on to talk to the event organizer. After thanking the event organizer, Alexander then made his move and began his journey to his next show that evening…

Expat iPad Magician


Alexander Y. is a full-time professional magician, he does close up magic, stage shows and custom shows for events. For any enquiries, do contact him at alexander@ipadmagician.org