A Celebration of Super Powers (And a Review from Senior Minister of State)

In this Marvel filled age, it is easy to think of someone with super powers as extremely strong, fast and with godlike powers. However, I think Super Powers come from ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

  • A teacher who imparts knowledge so that his/her students become wiser, is a super power.

  • A simple act of making someone smile, with magic, is a super power.

  • A person who holds the lift for you, so that you won’t be late, is showing kindness, and that is a super power.

And the list goes on. If you look around you, you will be pleasantly surprised to see beautiful ordinary people, doing extraordinary things.

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Some time ago, I was asked to perform for the Association of People with Special Need’s Charity Dinner. Seated amongst the guests is Senior Minister Sim Ann. This made me very nervous, but I was reminded by a team member that ministers are also ordinary people that does extraordinary things.

This show was a special one to me because in the crowd seated teachers and therapist who are there because they choose to make a difference in the student’s live. They have my full respect for taking on a tremendous task.

The show was very well received with much “wooo”s and “ahhh”s and spontaneous applause. And I truly enjoyed this show because deep in my heart I know I was making a difference to the audiences. See, super powers right?

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I woke up the next day with a pleasant surprise with a comment from Senior Minister Sim Ann on my social media.

Alexander Yuen Review

It really made my day and made me smile :)


Alexander Y. is Asia’s Top iPad Magician, whose biggest super power is the ability to eat 1 tub of Hagen Daz Ice Cream in one seating. His second biggest super power, is making someone smile with magic.

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