iPad Illusionist Performing at Multi National Corporation (MNCs)

Performing MNCs tend to be challenging for a lower tier magician because the crowd comes from a diverse background. 

This means 2 things:

  1. The material you perform for one group might not be suitable for the next group
  2. You might have to perform in a different language in the same event
Asia iPad Magician

Typically MNCs consider not only the experience of the magician and type of magic they present, they also prefer performers who have international experience. This is important especially for a roving performer who mingles and engages his audiences in a non-passive way (in contrast to a musician). 

Thus far, I have been booked to perform in USA, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Egypt, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. Every culture has their own social rules; through reading up and interacting with a diverse audience, one can be equipped with cultural norms that allows the performer to ease into conversations better. 

In this event, I was performing for ED & F Man. The crowd consisted of Singaporeans, Filipinos, Mainland Chinese and Caucasians. You can notice some subtle differences in the pictures when I perform for these groups of people. For some groups, I tend to be a bit more subdue, and for some I tend to be more expressive. I give them space to react according to their cultural rules. 

iPad Magician Asia
International iPad Illusionist
iPad Magician Singapore

Case in point, here is a short video of me performing in Mandarin:

Enjoy the rest of the pictures below!

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Alexander Y (Asia's Top iPad Magician)