India International iPad Magic Performance for Suzuki

I was booked in September to present my brand of unique magic to the Suzuki International Distributors. The conference housed top management personnel from all around the world. It was a marvelous event held in the gorgeous JW Marriott Aerocity, Delhi. 

iPad Magician Delhi

The hotel was beautiful with amazing facilities, but what was more captivating was the ballroom itself. There was an LED wall which was used as a backdrop against my performance. 

iPad Stage Magic Show

Watch this showreel for a taste of the iPad Digital Magic in India:

After the stage show, I then went and mingle among the crowd, presenting my iPad Magic close up. The crowd responded very well to the visual iPad Magic. A large part of the captivation from the iPad Magic stems from the fact that it incorporates technology and magic to create a visual magical experience that is different from other forms of magic.

Also, I made use of the Suzuki branding and logos as part of the magic routines. This was wildly popular with the audience.

French iPad Magician

Amazing special guests from France

iPad Magician Delhi India

It was a tremendously enjoyable event. It is always a pleasure to perform in India, lovely place with great hospitality.

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Signing off,

Alexander Yuen

Asia's Top iPad Magician