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iPad Magician Asia in Thailand Pattaya

iPad Magician Asia Bangkok Thailand

The last leg of my iPad Magic Asia Tour brought me to Thailand, Pattaya where I got to perform for the agents of Mitsubishi India.

It was truly a delight to be flown to Thailand for my magic.

iPad magician Singapore

One of the amazing discoveries doing international performances is to find out that the different cultures react differently to magic. I was quick to adapt and that enabled me to successfully engage the audiences with my magic.

iPad Digital Magician Alexander Y

It was a truly amazing night with great entertainment and magic! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the stay at the wonderful resort too!


Alexander Y. is Asia’s Top iPad Magician, who has been invited performing in several countries such as Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, India. Having a diverse international portfolio, Alexander is able to engage guests of all age and cultures

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India International iPad Magic Performance for Suzuki

I was booked in September to present my brand of unique magic to the Suzuki International Distributors. The conference housed top management personnel from all around the world. It was a marvelous event held in the gorgeous JW Marriott Aerocity, Delhi. 

iPad Magician Delhi

The hotel was beautiful with amazing facilities, but what was more captivating was the ballroom itself. There was an LED wall which was used as a backdrop against my performance. 

iPad Stage Magic Show

Watch this showreel for a taste of the iPad Digital Magic in India:

After the stage show, I then went and mingle among the crowd, presenting my iPad Magic close up. The crowd responded very well to the visual iPad Magic. A large part of the captivation from the iPad Magic stems from the fact that it incorporates technology and magic to create a visual magical experience that is different from other forms of magic.

Also, I made use of the Suzuki branding and logos as part of the magic routines. This was wildly popular with the audience.

French iPad Magician

Amazing special guests from France

iPad Magician Delhi India

It was a tremendously enjoyable event. It is always a pleasure to perform in India, lovely place with great hospitality.

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Signing off,

Alexander Yuen

Asia's Top iPad Magician

Fostering Memories with iPad Magic at Malaysian Food Street

On the 29th of March, I was given the pleasure to perform for Commscope Solutions, one of Singapore’s communication networking companies, at Malaysian Food Street, Resort World Sentosa! I figured, what better way to engage the employees of the company, than the use of digital magic.

Pictures courtesy of McCorkell

Pictures courtesy of McCorkell

Malaysian Food Street is a wonderfully adorned and embellished area undisturbed by pop culture; it is furnished with traditional coffee-shop benches and nostalgic signboards where authentic dishes of the past embraces this modern generation of ours.

Close-up digital magic transcends both cultures and ethnicity.  Despite the differences in cultural practices and beliefs, magic allows me to bridge a psychological and emotional connection with my audience. Unlike conventional stage magic, where magic is but an expression of the performer’s artistry, close up magic allows the magician to interact and engage with the spectators on an intimate level – something that the magician is unable to accomplish thoroughly on stage.

asia ipad magician


Magic has always been something special to me. The flip of a card, the click of the fingers creates amazing memories both for me and my audience. These moments are the ones that I especially cherish and enjoy.

singapore ipad magician

Regardless of the toil and effort that precedes the performance, the opportunity to witness a smile of wonder and curiosity is the best reward for me as a magician!


Alexander Y. is Asia’s Top IPad Magician, who has experience performing in several countries such as Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, India! For any enquiries, do contact him at

iPad Magic Logo Launch in Hong Kong

In January, Alexander and his team were specially flew to Hong Kong for a Gala dinner. This gala dinner was to celebrate the company's high growth in 2016. Which that in mind, they wanted a show that is never seen before as well as showcase their company.

Hong Kong iPad Magician


The crowd was immensely engaged by Alexander's sleek style of iPad Magic. They went wild when he "painted" the name of their company on his iPads.

Asia iPad Magician

After it was painted, Alexander changed it to their official logo and pulled it out. 

Logo Launch Magic hong Kong


This sequence was particularly enjoyable for the crowd because it fostered a strong sense of identity for them. Alexander was commended by the board of directors after the performance!

iPad Magic Logo Launch Asia


Alexander Yuen is Asia's Top iPad Magician. He is frequently booked internationally to design customized magic for his clients. His skills in programming the iPad sets him apart from peers in the industry. 

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iPad Magic in Technology Events, Innovation Conferences and Creativity Symposium

There is a rising trend for companies to innovate and use technology to meet and exceed KPIs. Numerous conferences and technological events are held almost every day around the world. I have been blessed to be invited to a few, including those organized by NEC, Singtel, DHL and Cisco. 

We must embrace innovation, not just in the consumer and servicing industries, but also the entertainment industry. Magic is no different.

Often I find the best way to innovate is to draw inspirations from the past. Reading about visionaries who do not give up their ideals of the future greatly inspires me and my magic. What they have created then might be outdated right now, but it was way ahead of its time when it was first conceptualized. 

When I embarked on my iPad Magic, my focus was clear. I wanted to focus on innovation and the capacity of imagination. With that, I created this routine in tribute to the greatest inventor of our time, Thomas Edison.


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Signing off,

Alexander Y (iPad Magician)