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A Night of Wonder with China Unicom!

Last Friday, I was given a fantastic chance to perform for one of the world’s most well established networking companies – China Unicom! Yet, what better way to connect and interact with the clients than the use of marvellous close-up magic! Yet this was not your run of the mill corporate show. The diners, a pleasant and enthusiastic bunch of people, flew all the way from China just so that they could attend this wonderful evening filled with exquisite food and wonderful Magic!

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The ability to perform magic has always been a well cherished attribute of mine. Interactive magic has a way with people – it allows me to break cultural and language barriers. China Unicom has given me a huge honour, to not only perform magic for these wonderful people but also to display my bilingual language prowesses!

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Apart from the magic, the diners that I have interacted with during the event were extremely cordial, and polite. I had as much fun performing as they did experiencing it!

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Yet, interestingly, the highlight of the event was my performing for China Unicom’s General Manager. You should have seen his reactions when I vanished the entire deck of cards! He enjoyed my show so much that he requested a selfie with me on the spot! This made my day. I hope everyone had an enjoyable week as I had had!


Alexander Y. is Asia’s Top IPad Magician, who has experience performing in several countries such as Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, India! For any enquiries, do contact him at




iPad Magic in Technology Events, Innovation Conferences and Creativity Symposium

There is a rising trend for companies to innovate and use technology to meet and exceed KPIs. Numerous conferences and technological events are held almost every day around the world. I have been blessed to be invited to a few, including those organized by NEC, Singtel, DHL and Cisco. 

We must embrace innovation, not just in the consumer and servicing industries, but also the entertainment industry. Magic is no different.

Often I find the best way to innovate is to draw inspirations from the past. Reading about visionaries who do not give up their ideals of the future greatly inspires me and my magic. What they have created then might be outdated right now, but it was way ahead of its time when it was first conceptualized. 

When I embarked on my iPad Magic, my focus was clear. I wanted to focus on innovation and the capacity of imagination. With that, I created this routine in tribute to the greatest inventor of our time, Thomas Edison.


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