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The Hottest Thing in Town: Shake Shack at Jewel Changi Airport

I was invited to the house warming party for Shake Shack in the wildly hot space, Jewel at Changi Airport. First of all, Jewel itself, is very impressive. I was in awe just looking at how magnificent the waterfall is.

jewel singapore changi airport

Okay, back to the reason why I was in Shake Shack in the first place. I was asked to engage the guests at the house warming party who had their first hand try out of their burgers and shakes. It was wonderful!

iPad Magic Shake Shack

Just like how they created a bespoke Singaporean Pandan Shake, I too designed a bespoke piece of magic showcasing their journey from New York to Singapore.

See a snippet of that below:

It is always awesome to craft specialize content for my clients and I had a wonderful time performing for the guests. I too tried the burgers, it was delicious!

iPad Magician Alexander Yuen

Thank you Shake Shack, you guys are awesome!


Alexander Y. is Asia’s Top iPad Magician, who has been invited performing in several countries such as Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, India. He is known for his storytelling and magic, allowing him to not just capture the eyes of the audience, but also their hearts. One of his dreams is to eat as much burgers as he can but never get fat. Unfortunately, that requires real magic. Sighs.

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Technology x Magic: InnoCarnival 2018 in Hong Kong

When Technology combined with Magic and Innovation, you get an exciting experience of visually impactful, mind blowing entertainment!

Hong Kong iPad Magician Innovation

For that reason, I was flown to Hong Kong to showcase my work specially for Hong Kong’s Innovation Festival called InnoFiesta. They wanted me to showcase my iPad Magic which they deemed to be a breakthrough in innovation and magic.

This festival was the first time I performed to a public crowd in Hong Kong. The previous engagements were solely for corporate and private events (see my launch for Ford in Hong Kong, FWD insurance Hong Kong and ALCO Launch Hong Kong).

Alexander Yuen InnoFiesta 2018

The crowd thoroughly enjoyed the magic. The organizers were very satisfied with my performance as they agreed that this was an innovative performance combining technology and magic!

Technology iPad Magic Hong Kong

Thank you Hong Kong! I would love to be back once again to share newer and more innovative iPad Magic!


Alexander Y. is Asia’s Top iPad Magician, who has been invited performing in several countries such as Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, India. He is often sought after by clients who wants their brand stories to be told in a fun, engaging and memorable way. He constantly innovates by pushing the boundaries of technology and magic.

Got a story to tell? Contact him at alexander@ipadmagician.org


It was delightful for me to perform for DHL's 45th Anniversary Singapore on the 24th October 2017 because I have always looked up to DHL as an innovative company that is eager to push the boundaries of technology to make processes and lives better.

My first working encounter with DHL was in the December 2015 where I was commissioned to craft and produce a digital magic act to launch their innovation center. Read the article here!

DHL Innovation Center

Moving forward to 2 years on, it brought me great pleasure to be back at their 45th Anniversary celebration, at JW Marriott Singapore.

I started the night with my iPad Roving Magic where I engage the audiences with my visually captivating iPad Magic. The audiences were enthralled as, for most of them, this is the first time they have experienced digital iPad Magic.


iPad Magician Alexander
Alexander Yuen iPad

After the cocktail reception, I had to get ready for the iPad Illusion Show on stage. This show was tremendously well received as it embraced the company's vision of being technologically driven. 

iPad Illusion Show Magic


Apart from my segment, the night was laced with technological artifacts like an interactive robot and a presentation on Drones.

Happy 45th Birthday DHL Singapore!


Signing off,

Alexander Y (Asia's Top iPad Magician) 

iPad Magician Wows Crowd in Hong Kong Fintech Event

This week, I was invited to showcase my brand of interactive and creative iPad magic for the people of Hong Kong during Fintech Challenge. This event was organised by Citi and PWC, both companies of which are highly renowned throughout the international business community. The event is aimed at exploring possible disruptive Fintech apps. I was very pleased to be invited to this event; the magic that I was about to perform is not your run-of-the-mill close-up magic. I intend to show them what a brilliant piece of entertainment customised iPad magic is.

International iPad Magician at HK Fintech

iPad magic is different from traditional magic in many ways! Digital magic has a slant towards innovation and creativity. These concepts align themselves very much to the themes and mottoes of top companies around the world. Thus, iPad magic, when presented with great flair and dexterity, would appeal greatly to this group of intellectual business intelligentsia.

The magic that I showcased was customised to suit the theme of Fintech Challenge – Instant online shopping. I wanted to bring out and accentuate the possibilities and convenience on how online shopping can benefit the general population. iPad magic is able to do just that. Imagine being able to produce anything that you desire on the screen of your digital tablet and pull it right out with just your fingertips, would not that be convenient?!

iPad Magic Hong Kong Tech Event


I had a great time performing for the crowd at Fintech Challenge in Hong Kong and so did they. Hopefully, I will have another opportunity of providing luxurious and sleek digital magic for their events in the future!


Alexander Y. is Asia’s Top iPad Magician, who has experience performing in several countries such as Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, India! He is often sought after by technological companies to do their launches due to his skill in combining technology with magic. He will be happy to perform at your Fintech Event as well!

For any enquiries, do contact him at alexander@ipadmagician.org

iPad Magic Logo Launch in Hong Kong

In January, Alexander and his team were specially flew to Hong Kong for a Gala dinner. This gala dinner was to celebrate the company's high growth in 2016. Which that in mind, they wanted a show that is never seen before as well as showcase their company.

Hong Kong iPad Magician


The crowd was immensely engaged by Alexander's sleek style of iPad Magic. They went wild when he "painted" the name of their company on his iPads.

Asia iPad Magician

After it was painted, Alexander changed it to their official logo and pulled it out. 

Logo Launch Magic hong Kong


This sequence was particularly enjoyable for the crowd because it fostered a strong sense of identity for them. Alexander was commended by the board of directors after the performance!

iPad Magic Logo Launch Asia


Alexander Yuen is Asia's Top iPad Magician. He is frequently booked internationally to design customized magic for his clients. His skills in programming the iPad sets him apart from peers in the industry. 

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iPad Magic in Technology Events, Innovation Conferences and Creativity Symposium

There is a rising trend for companies to innovate and use technology to meet and exceed KPIs. Numerous conferences and technological events are held almost every day around the world. I have been blessed to be invited to a few, including those organized by NEC, Singtel, DHL and Cisco. 

We must embrace innovation, not just in the consumer and servicing industries, but also the entertainment industry. Magic is no different.

Often I find the best way to innovate is to draw inspirations from the past. Reading about visionaries who do not give up their ideals of the future greatly inspires me and my magic. What they have created then might be outdated right now, but it was way ahead of its time when it was first conceptualized. 

When I embarked on my iPad Magic, my focus was clear. I wanted to focus on innovation and the capacity of imagination. With that, I created this routine in tribute to the greatest inventor of our time, Thomas Edison.


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Signing off,

Alexander Y (iPad Magician)