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The Hottest Thing in Town: Shake Shack at Jewel Changi Airport

I was invited to the house warming party for Shake Shack in the wildly hot space, Jewel at Changi Airport. First of all, Jewel itself, is very impressive. I was in awe just looking at how magnificent the waterfall is.

jewel singapore changi airport

Okay, back to the reason why I was in Shake Shack in the first place. I was asked to engage the guests at the house warming party who had their first hand try out of their burgers and shakes. It was wonderful!

iPad Magic Shake Shack

Just like how they created a bespoke Singaporean Pandan Shake, I too designed a bespoke piece of magic showcasing their journey from New York to Singapore.

See a snippet of that below:

It is always awesome to craft specialize content for my clients and I had a wonderful time performing for the guests. I too tried the burgers, it was delicious!

iPad Magician Alexander Yuen

Thank you Shake Shack, you guys are awesome!


Alexander Y. is Asia’s Top iPad Magician, who has been invited performing in several countries such as Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, India. He is known for his storytelling and magic, allowing him to not just capture the eyes of the audience, but also their hearts. One of his dreams is to eat as much burgers as he can but never get fat. Unfortunately, that requires real magic. Sighs.

Got a story to tell? Contact him at alexander@ipadmagician.orgο»Ώ

iPad Magic: Bvlgari Watch Launch

It is always a true honour to be handpicked as part of the entertainment for prestigious brands (Past luxury clients include: LVMH, Roger Dubuis, Mercedes Benz, Yu Li Fine Jewelry, Moet & Chadon and many more.

It is a testament to the quality and image that these brands are looking for especially when the magic involves their products. A great deal of thought and discussion happens before a performer is entrusted with their brand.

Alexander Yuen Luxury iPad Magic Brand

I was very lucky to be engaged by Bvlgari to showcase their Serpenti and Lucea watches. In this engagement, Bvlgari wanted to have the guests experience more than just magic, they wanted the magic to come alive and for me to showcase their watches.

ipad magic singapore asia india

I crafted specialize apps on the iPad and devised methods to make the watches appear out of the iPads.

It was a fantastic evening where the guests enjoyed the craftsmenship of these fine watches, the food and also the magic

Corporate magic launch alexander
alexander yuen ipad magic asia hong kong

Really had a wonderful time with Bvlgari and their guests!


Alexander Y. is Asia’s Top iPad Magician, who has been invited performing in several countries such as Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, India. He is often sought after by clients who wants their brand stories to be told in a fun, engaging and memorable way.

For any enquiries, do contact him at alexander@ipadmagician.orgο»Ώ

iPad Magic Product Launch: Making Magic Making Sense

Gillette: The Best A Man Can Get

When it comes to launching a product, there are several ways to do it. You can simply place a cloth over the product and reveal it, you can have a fancy box apparatus that would reveal it or you can reveal it while also showcase the qualities of the product (and that's what we did here!)

Gillette iPad Magic Launch

In line with my belief of "showing them, not telling them", I identified the key features of the product, which was a well lubricated shave. Then I brainstormed on how I can showcase this concept through magic, and at the same time, launch their banner.

The keywords in my thoughts were: beard, shave, cream, clean.

And after much discussing with the agency, we came out with the idea of having shaving cream, applied on beard, and after shaving it off, the image of the banner would appear. And thereafter, I would pull the banner out for photo ops.

A few more ideas:

  • If you are launching a hotline, I can programme a phone in the iPad and have the VIP to dial the hotline, it would appear on the iPads and then the numb er can be pulled out.
  • Launching a painting, or a poster? I can "paint" it with a brush on to the iPad and have it pulled out.

The possibilities are endless, my team and I will make sure that our magic is cogent and related to your product.

Contact me here for a discussion:



Signing off, 
Alexander Y (iPad Magician Singapore)