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iPad Magic for Australia Travel Conference

Some time back, I did a wonderful event for ATAC (Australian Travel Agents Co-operative). It was a dinner held in Gardens by the Bay and the restaurant housed the delightful travel agents from Australia.

For this engagement, I was asked to interact and engage the guests with my iPad Magic. They also wanted me to make a small gift appear at the end of the performance.

australia ipad magician

I had so much fun bantering and interacting with the guests through my iPad Magic. It is a pleasure to be able to bring smiles and laughter to these guests from Australia.

ipad magician australian event

Thank you very much for having me! It was a joy performing at this Australian Conference!


Alexander Y. is Asia’s Top iPad Magician, who has been invited performing in several countries such as Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, India. He is often sought after by clients who wants their brand stories to be told in a fun, engaging and memorable way.

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All Set for F1 Night Race 2019 with Dunhill Century Launch Party

Dunhill Century Magician

Last week, I was sent a bottle of Dunhill Century Fragrance and a request to perform at an F1 Party at the Grand Hyatt. This was a collaboration and celebration of the start of F1 and the launch of this fragrance for the modern man.

Alexander Yuen Dunhill Century Magician


The bottle itself is inspired by a dice, and it embodies the sleekness and simplicity of the modern day gentleman. I designed a series of magic revolving around dice and shared them with the crowd.

F1 Singapore Night Race Magician

It was a wonderful event with guests who were there to let loose in anticipation for the F1 weekend!

I hope you have a great time at F1 too!


Alexander Y. is Asia’s Top iPad Magician, who has been invited performing in several countries such as Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, India. He is often sought after by clients who wants their brand stories to be told in a fun, engaging and memorable way. He occasionally enjoys the smell of burning asphalt by the fast cars in F1

For any enquiries, do contact him at alexander@ipadmagician.org

My Magic, My Gift

For some, magic is a tool to break the ice or pick up girls. For me, my magic is a gift. It is a gift that allows me to connect with people of all ages and demographics. 

iPad Magic at the Istana


Last Friday, Hari Raya, I was asked to do a show for the less fortune at the Istana. I instantly agreed. While the usual corporate international shows are great (together with the fancy hotel suites and cocktails), its always a privilege to offer my magic to those who might not had the chance to experience it. 

When I performed my magic for the audiences, it bridged an instant connection between myself and them, we are on the same page and we know that we are both going to experience something wonderful and amazing. 

I am really glad I was able to rope in The Strangers and Joel to be a part of their experience. They performed wonderful close up magic for them and brought joy to them.

Kim The Strangers Magic
Yuji Magician Singapore
Joel Lim Magician
Anderson Magician Singapore

At the end of our performance, we were also had a chat with Mdm President Halimah and First Gentleman, Mr Mohammad.

Alexander Yuen Istana

Here is a short footage of my iPad Magic at the Istana. Have a glimpse of how the West Drawing Room looks like:

It was truly truly a special thing to give our time and talents for those who have lack moments of wonder, or those who no longer believe in magic. As magicians, we must never forget that.

Magicians Selfie with President


Signing off,

Alexander Yuen (iPad Magician)


Imagination and the Child

Seems like an odd title to use for a blog post isn't it? Let me dwell more into this since this this post was inspired by a recent performance I did.

It was not my usual high-end corporate event, it was a 9 year old boy's birthday party. For the most parts, I always reject birthday parties for children because my show is not a kids magic show where children would be screaming and laughing at colorful, silly things.

However, I took up this party because the boy's mom tried really hard to convince me that her son is a huge fan of my magic, and had watched all my videos and would be so so happy if I could come to his birthday party and perform. While I was not fully convinced that I would have a "huge fan", I really wanted to also meet the boy who could sit through "all" my videos.

I met the pleasant birthday boy, he was very polite and well mannered. I could see his face light up every time something amazing happened. I could see that in his mind, he was imagining the endless possibilities that magic could bring. It was a beautiful moment for me.

When I went to my 3rd act, this boy literally recited the lines I had for that piece of magic. I was impressed and honestly quite surprised. This boy did watch all my videos and even memorized some of the lines to heart :)

At the end of my show, I gave him the lightbulb that I made appear from the iPad. He held it in his hands as if it was a fragile bird, with great care.

And I know that if I could inspire one child to innovate and never stop imagining, the future would be a brighter place. 

Here is what his mother had to say at the end of the performance:

"Dear Alexander

Thank you for your kind text, really appreciated and we were all enthusiastic about your show, kids, in particular P, spoke about your talent with everybody until evening. For sure next time we’ll do a show for adults, we’re thinking at a private event at home with all our friends so I’ll be delighted to keep in touch with you. Congratulations again and thank you for making P’s birthday party a special and magic moment for all of us"


Always a special thing to bring joy for a child of all ages. 


Yours sincerely,

Alexander Yuen



"One Escapade, Countless Experience"

The One Faber Group launch was an extremely fun project with side perks like watching Wings of Time, dining at their latest establishment, Dusk and visiting the Merlion, all in the name of "work".

Singapore iPad Magician 1FG

This project, though fun, was quite challenging. There were several key objectives I had to achieve in this customized presentation.

  1. To showcase One Faber Group's key attractions in an experiential and magical way
  2. To highlight the various features of these establishments
  3. To create wonderful memory anchors so that the guests would remember what the brand is all about.
One Faber Group Launch

This project took me 3 months of research, meetings and programming to come together. I had so much fun designing and incorporating national icons like the Sentosa Merlion and Shabaz (a character in Wings of Time).

The day finally came where we had to do the launch, my segment was the highlight of the event as it sealed in the emotional memories and experiential journey with the guests. This event was hosted by the wonderful Anitia Kapoor, whom I had the pleasure of meeting several times in other events. 

Anita Kapoor

The performance ended with a huge bang, the audiences were thoroughly amazed and educated about what One Faber Group has to offer! There were countless moments of "ooo-s" and "ahhh-s"! Watch the video below to see it for yourself!

After the event, I was invited to have drinks with the upper management and media at Dusk. This place serves amazing cocktails and the Sunset Spritzer is my favorite.

Dusk Cocktail

Had a really good time talking to the management and the marvelous food!

iPad Magician Alexander Yuen

All in all, what One Faber Group offers is truly One Escapade, Countless Experience. There is just so much to do with your friends and family there.

Signing Off (in a cable car)

Alexander Y (Asia's Top iPad Magician)


Alexander Y. is Asia’s Top iPad Magician, who has been invited performing in several countries such as Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, India. He is often sought after by clients who wants their brand stories to be told in a fun, engaging and memorable way. Watch his video and find out why he is the Top iPad Magician in Asia!

For any enquiries, do contact him at alexander@ipadmagician.org


India Yes Bank iPad Magic for 1000+ Guests

After my bouts of iPad Magic stints around India, I was specially requested to perform for an international India event in Singapore. This was an event organized by Yes Bank of India. The event itself hosted more than 1000 guests, held in the lovely Grand Ball Room of Mandarin Orchard.

It was a terrific crowd, and I was commissioned to create a customized segment where I would make their logo appear. 

Here is it:



Want more impact with branding and customization?

Enquire here!

Signing off,

Alexander Yuen

iPad Magician 


Imagine the heat of the F1 race combined with the timeless charm of a luxurious time piece, what do you get?

Roger Dubuis Pirelli


Roger Dubuis x Pirelli gives you a hint of that. Using the Pirelli tyres of the winning F1 car, Roger Dubuis crafted the finest combination of adventure and elegance.

Alexander Y Watch Launch Magic

I was invited on both occasions to showcase the watch in a novel way that would intrigue the guests and tempt them to have a hands on experience with it. Telling the story of how the winning tyres were used in the crafting of the watch, I made the watch appear out of the IPad.

Watch Launch Magician


Alongside with this customized magic, I performed my other magic on the iPad as well as the night progressed.

iPad Magic Brand Story


The best part of this launch was that I was able to use my magic to effectively tell and curate the brand's story through the iPad. Doing that allows the guests to remember the brand and giving it a personality.

How would you tell a brand story?

Signing off,

Alexander Y


Alexander Y. is Asia’s Top iPad Magician, who has been invited performing in several countries such as Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, India! He is often sought after by clients who value the finer things in life. Booked by luxury brands all over the world, he is the choice of luxury entertainment.

For any enquiries, do contact him at alexander@ipadmagician.org

iPad Magic Logo Launch in Hong Kong

In January, Alexander and his team were specially flew to Hong Kong for a Gala dinner. This gala dinner was to celebrate the company's high growth in 2016. Which that in mind, they wanted a show that is never seen before as well as showcase their company.

Hong Kong iPad Magician


The crowd was immensely engaged by Alexander's sleek style of iPad Magic. They went wild when he "painted" the name of their company on his iPads.

Asia iPad Magician

After it was painted, Alexander changed it to their official logo and pulled it out. 

Logo Launch Magic hong Kong


This sequence was particularly enjoyable for the crowd because it fostered a strong sense of identity for them. Alexander was commended by the board of directors after the performance!

iPad Magic Logo Launch Asia


Alexander Yuen is Asia's Top iPad Magician. He is frequently booked internationally to design customized magic for his clients. His skills in programming the iPad sets him apart from peers in the industry. 

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iPad Magic Product Launch: Making Magic Making Sense

Gillette: The Best A Man Can Get

When it comes to launching a product, there are several ways to do it. You can simply place a cloth over the product and reveal it, you can have a fancy box apparatus that would reveal it or you can reveal it while also showcase the qualities of the product (and that's what we did here!)

Gillette iPad Magic Launch

In line with my belief of "showing them, not telling them", I identified the key features of the product, which was a well lubricated shave. Then I brainstormed on how I can showcase this concept through magic, and at the same time, launch their banner.

The keywords in my thoughts were: beard, shave, cream, clean.

And after much discussing with the agency, we came out with the idea of having shaving cream, applied on beard, and after shaving it off, the image of the banner would appear. And thereafter, I would pull the banner out for photo ops.

A few more ideas:

  • If you are launching a hotline, I can programme a phone in the iPad and have the VIP to dial the hotline, it would appear on the iPads and then the numb er can be pulled out.
  • Launching a painting, or a poster? I can "paint" it with a brush on to the iPad and have it pulled out.

The possibilities are endless, my team and I will make sure that our magic is cogent and related to your product.

Contact me here for a discussion:



Signing off, 
Alexander Y (iPad Magician Singapore)

Singapore National Day Celebration: iPad Magic Exclusive Guests

Singapore's 51st National Day was special for the clients of The Knightsbridge Clinic and Southbridge Aesthetics Clinic. The guests were welcomed to an exclusive party where they were treated to an array of canapes, magic and dance.

Picture Credits: Marinate Consultancy

iPad Magic Singapore

To create a befitting atmosphere for the guests, I was specially invited to this exclusive party to perform my brand of iPad Magic. Like a true blue patriotic Singaporean, I took the liberty to dress up in my national colours of Red and White. While the base colour is white, I added subtle hints of red to create a sleek and stylish look.

Interactive iPad Magic

As the iPad Magician for the event, the agenda was to entertain the guests with magic, and to create an atmosphere of fun and excitement. I performed illusions that I custom created for the guests on that evening that were immensely well received. 

Singapore iPad Magician
iPad Magician Asia

The iPad Magic offers endless possibilities for you and your event. For this event, I custom created an app where gift vouchers were given to the guests through the iPad. This created excitement for the guests as I was not only able to create magic on the iPad, but also added value to the magic by incorporating a corporate gift for the guests.

The voucher app looked something like this:

This is simply one of the many ways magic can enhance, add a different texture and increase the value of your event! To find out more, drop me an email at:


or contact me here!

Logging Off,

Alexander Y (Asia's Top iPad Magician)