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iPad Magic for Australia Travel Conference

Some time back, I did a wonderful event for ATAC (Australian Travel Agents Co-operative). It was a dinner held in Gardens by the Bay and the restaurant housed the delightful travel agents from Australia.

For this engagement, I was asked to interact and engage the guests with my iPad Magic. They also wanted me to make a small gift appear at the end of the performance.

australia ipad magician

I had so much fun bantering and interacting with the guests through my iPad Magic. It is a pleasure to be able to bring smiles and laughter to these guests from Australia.

ipad magician australian event

Thank you very much for having me! It was a joy performing at this Australian Conference!


Alexander Y. is Asia’s Top iPad Magician, who has been invited performing in several countries such as Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, India. He is often sought after by clients who wants their brand stories to be told in a fun, engaging and memorable way.

Got a story to tell? Contact him at alexander@ipadmagician.org


On the November 30th 2016, Alexander Y. was invited to perform at the Singapore’s Shipping 2030 Conference, held at Suntec City’s Convention Centre. It was a large event, with many guests, managers and bosses, discussing about the topic of innovation and technology in the shipping and international purchasing industry. As such, Alexander was to perform his signature iPad magic, to compliment the event’s theme of technology and innovation.

iPad Magician Asia Conference

Alexander arrived at the location early, and obtained the further details of the event from the event organizer. He then proceeded to attend a VIP’s talk on Innovation and Technology, and immediately began performing once the talk was over.

He began performing with his signature iPad magic, and left a few Europeans speechless with his opening act. They demanded him to do it again, and, at their request, he blew them away for a second time. At the end of his first small group’s performance, the spectators left him a round of applause, establishing his presence and letting everyone know that a magician is in the event.

iPad Illusionist SIngapore

After so, Alexander then went on to numerous tables, using his iPad to perform out of the ordinary stunts, leaving the attendees of the convention with smiles, cheers and lots of applause. There was even a waiter who stopped by to watch his performance, and he too, couldn’t help but gasp.

As Alexander was performing, a few VIPs were so entranced, that they even followed Alexander around as he performed from table to table! However, even after watching him dazzle the spectators over and over again, they too ended up clapping and smiling at the end of his performances!

Singapore iPad Magician

 At the end of Alexander’s timeslot, he approached the event manager and thanked her for inviting him for the evening. In addition, he also performed an amazing effect with his business card, leaving her jaw wide open.

Alexander Y. is a full-time professional magician, he does close up magic, stage shows and custom shows for events. For any enquiries, do contact him at alexander@ipadmagician.org