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Singaporean iPad Magician Performing for Melbourne Victory Football Club

One of the true joys of being a Singaporean performing internationally is that I am able to represent my country and showcase a slice of what Singaporeans can do. I was invited to Melbourne Victory Football Club (home of Keisuke Honda) to do a showcase of my magic at their business luncheon.

iPad Magician Asia Melbourne

It is really not often you get a true blue Singaporean specially invited to perform for a club like this. I was in fact very nervous when I received the confirmation.

MVFC iPad Magician

I took the time to prepare and crafted something unique for them. Above, you can see a picture of me with the President of the Club Anthony Di Pietro.

It is a joy and privilege to showcase a piece of Singapore in Melbourne. The great news also is that I got a second round of bookings in June. Will be back Melbourne!


Alexander Y. is Asia’s Top iPad Magician, who has been invited performing in several countries such as Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, India. He is known for his storytelling and magic, allowing him to not just capture the eyes of the audience, but also their hearts. Though he did not get to meet Keisuke Honda, he was soaked in the love of MVFC.

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Singapore Tourism Board: Telling the Singapore Story in Australia

One of the greatest project I undertook this year (though it is really early in the year), is with Singapore Tourism Board.

Singapore Tourism Board iPad Magic Alexander Yuen

The idea was to craft a routine with the iPad to curate and give a taste of what Singapore is to the Australians in Sydney and Melbourne.

There were a few things that was uniquely Singapore, the food, the night life and our outstanding cocktail bar scene.

I wrecked my brains and stretched my imagination to come out with a cogent story and routine with the iPad. I was delighted to be confirmed and given a chance to fly to Sydney and Melbourne for the first time (I know it is hard to believe that I have never step foot on Australian soil before!)

We traveled to a bar in Sydney located in the Shelbourne Hotel. It was a delight to see motifs of Singapore in a foreign place.

Passion Made Possible

I engaged the guests who signed up for a cocktail and food pairing course by winner of Master Chef Australia Sashi Cheliah (who is a Singaporean based in Australia).

iPad Magic of Master Chef Sashi Cheliah

In the picture above, I do some magic with one of his creations, the spicy pork belly and the chili crab sliders.

Cocktail Magic Native Singapore Social iPad Magic

I also crafted a piece featuring cocktails from 2 of the World’s Best Bars which are located in Singapore, Native and Operation Dagger. It was a pleasure working with fellow craftsmen dedicated to their craft.

Amongst other things, I also did some of my iPad Magic to warm up the guests. It was a real treat for me to perform for the Australians who reacted wildly to the magic.

iPad Magic Sydney Alexander Y

We then flew to Melbourne to perform at the Albion. This was where I got to meet Aussie footballer Danes Swan.

Danes Swan iPad Magic

He thoroughly enjoyed the magic, so much so that he posted a video of me performing my magic on his Instagram, getting raving comments of my wizardry!

The atmosphere in the Albion was more relaxed and less formal. The guests were ready to experience Singapore and have fun. I had so much fun sharing my magic with them!

The Albion iPad Magician

For a first timer in Australia, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Even more so when I get to share with the audiences a piece of Singapore. This made me feel proud as a true blue Singaporean. This is something that I will always cherish.


Alexander Y. is Asia’s Top iPad Magician, who has been invited performing in several countries such as Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, India. He is known for his storytelling and magic, allowing him to not just capture the eyes of the audience, but also their hearts. Though it was his first time in Australia, he is already in love with their seafood and wine.

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iPad Magician Wows Crowd in Hong Kong Fintech Event

This week, I was invited to showcase my brand of interactive and creative iPad magic for the people of Hong Kong during Fintech Challenge. This event was organised by Citi and PWC, both companies of which are highly renowned throughout the international business community. The event is aimed at exploring possible disruptive Fintech apps. I was very pleased to be invited to this event; the magic that I was about to perform is not your run-of-the-mill close-up magic. I intend to show them what a brilliant piece of entertainment customised iPad magic is.

International iPad Magician at HK Fintech

iPad magic is different from traditional magic in many ways! Digital magic has a slant towards innovation and creativity. These concepts align themselves very much to the themes and mottoes of top companies around the world. Thus, iPad magic, when presented with great flair and dexterity, would appeal greatly to this group of intellectual business intelligentsia.

The magic that I showcased was customised to suit the theme of Fintech Challenge – Instant online shopping. I wanted to bring out and accentuate the possibilities and convenience on how online shopping can benefit the general population. iPad magic is able to do just that. Imagine being able to produce anything that you desire on the screen of your digital tablet and pull it right out with just your fingertips, would not that be convenient?!

iPad Magic Hong Kong Tech Event


I had a great time performing for the crowd at Fintech Challenge in Hong Kong and so did they. Hopefully, I will have another opportunity of providing luxurious and sleek digital magic for their events in the future!


Alexander Y. is Asia’s Top iPad Magician, who has experience performing in several countries such as Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, India! He is often sought after by technological companies to do their launches due to his skill in combining technology with magic. He will be happy to perform at your Fintech Event as well!

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iPad Magic in Technology Events, Innovation Conferences and Creativity Symposium

There is a rising trend for companies to innovate and use technology to meet and exceed KPIs. Numerous conferences and technological events are held almost every day around the world. I have been blessed to be invited to a few, including those organized by NEC, Singtel, DHL and Cisco. 

We must embrace innovation, not just in the consumer and servicing industries, but also the entertainment industry. Magic is no different.

Often I find the best way to innovate is to draw inspirations from the past. Reading about visionaries who do not give up their ideals of the future greatly inspires me and my magic. What they have created then might be outdated right now, but it was way ahead of its time when it was first conceptualized. 

When I embarked on my iPad Magic, my focus was clear. I wanted to focus on innovation and the capacity of imagination. With that, I created this routine in tribute to the greatest inventor of our time, Thomas Edison.


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Alexander Y (iPad Magician)