Chopard: Happiness (An Act on Happiness Thru Magic)

Immediately after my trip from Japan, I came back to Singapore to perform a customized performance on the theme Happiness.

This event was jointly organized by Cortina and Chopard, “The Pursuit of Happy-ness”. I was delighted (or should I say, happy) to be able to storyboard a performance like this for them. In my years as an undergraduate psychology student, I learnt many things about happiness in my positive psychology class. I had to justify my degree and this fell right into place for that!

Chopard iPad Magic Happyness

I spoke about the Hedonistic Threadmill in which the pursuit of money in itself will lead to habituation and in fact, the lack of happiness. I exemplified this theme by performing a routine where I make money appear out of my iPad.

Magician Singapore Happiness

Then I also spoke about having close relationships and social support as fundamental to positive mental health.

As a finale, I summarized the points to consider when it comes to happiness by symbolizing happiness as a balloon on a string, I tore the pieces of the string up sharing that having just one component of happiness is not enough. I magically fused them into one string, and share that a wholesome approach is the best.

I guess you can say that I had a great time, and it was truly, a happy ending!


Alexander Y. is Asia’s Top iPad Magician, who has been invited performing in several countries such as Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, India. He has a Master in Psychology but choose to do magic instead. It brings him joy, and happiness

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